A question we get asked a lot is – I am interested, how should I go about buying a sitar? Here are a few options to go about purchasing a sitar.

OPTION 1: Your local Amazon can be a good place to look for Sitars

It could be that these Sitars are not of the highest quality. It would be important to ensure quality is there by booking a video call or similar with the seller.

OPTION 2: Check to see if there are local stores in your surrounding area

Local stores are around in larger cities outside of India. These stores can be a good resource since the shipping cost will be less than you might pay from India.

OPTION 3: Purchase one from India

Reach out to us – we can help put you in touch with a supplier in Calcutta, India that can ship you a Sitar. Many different qualities are available and shipping takes about a month or so to most parts of the world.

We would love to help you purchase a Sitar

We advise you book a complimentary consultation with Sharmila to have this Sitar looked at to see if it will work for you. We often get on a video call with the supplier to hear the instrument and make sure all the necessary supplies will be included to make sure you get the most of your investment.