Testimonial to Sharmila ji

It’s been such an absolute blessing to have come across someone like Sharmila ji, who is not only an honorable Sitar maestro, but also an amazing human being. My 10 month long journey so far with my Sitar and Sharmila ji has been so special, enriching, and rewarding. Sharmila Ji’s eloquent way of teaching is highly encouraging and beneficial. I earnestly treasure and cherish every bit of knowledge I’ve gained so far, whether it’s about the instrument or music in general. Not to mention, her sweet and down to earth nature makes it all more memorable! Sharmila ji, being so devoted herself as a musician, helps me to be more connected to her. Also, learn Sitar Online is a very useful medium to use for students to keep track of classes and other resources. Here’s my utmost respect and gratitude to Sharmila ji, for everything I’ve learned so far and everything I’ll learn going forward in my journey of Sitar learning & playing. ❤️?